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The tiger knitting pattern is an adorable and whimsical project that combines the charm of a tiger with the coziness of winter accessories.

This pattern offers knitting enthusiasts an opportunity to create a lovable tiger character complete with a delightful hat and scarf ensemble. The pattern includes detailed instructions for crafting the tiger's body, head, paws, and tail, as well as a cozy hat and scarf in complementary colors.

The finished result is a delightful knitted tiger, ready to bring warmth and smiles throughout the colder months. It's a perfect gift or decorative item for both children and those young at heart.

Please note: This listing is for Knitting PDF PATTERN and NOT FOR A FINISHED ITEM

The file will be available for download immediately after the payment. You will also receive a copy to your email address.

This PDF file is 16 pages long and contain many detailed step-by-step photographs along with full pattern instructions.

The supplies you will need:
• Approx. 40g Orange Color Yarn (DK)
• Approx. 20g Black Color Yarn
• Approx. 20g White Color Yarn
• Approx. 15g Blue Color Yarn
• Approx. 15g Green Color Yarn
• Toy Stuffing
• A Pair of Knitting Needles (2mm)
• A Pair of Black Beads (buttons, plastic eyes)
• Sewing Needle
• Scissors
• Crochet hook
• Two cardboard circles or rings approx 4 inches diameter with 1 ½ inches diameter circle cut out from the centre for making the pom-pom
• Tweezers for stuffing (optional)

Finished size is 16 inches (40cm)

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