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CROCHET PATTERN: Billy Bear in Clothes

CROCHET PATTERN: Billy Bear in Clothes

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The bear in clothes crochet pattern is a versatile and charming design that allows you to create an adorable teddy bear with a complete wardrobe. This pattern provides step-by-step instructions for crocheting a lovable bear with moveable limbs, dressed in stylish trousers, a cozy top, and a fashionable coat. With attention to detail and various stitch techniques, this pattern offers a rewarding challenge for crochet enthusiasts of all skill levels. Whether you're looking to create a cherished toy or a unique decorative item, this pattern provides endless possibilities for customization and personalization. From choosing different colors to adding accessories, you can bring your creative vision to life while crafting this delightful bear in trousers, top, and coat. Get ready to embark on a crochet adventure and make a special companion that will be treasured for years to come.

Please note: This listing is for Crochet + Knitting PDF PATTERN and NOT FOR A FINISHED ITEM

The file will be available for download immediately after the payment. You will also receive a copy to your email address.

This PDF file is 27 pages long and contain many detailed step-by-step photographs along with full pattern instructions. US terminology is used.

The supplies you will need:
For the bear
• Approx. 50g Beige Yarn
(For the bear I used Robin 100% Acrylic DK Yarn 100g – 300m)
• Less than 5g Dark Brown Yarn
• Less than 1metre Black Yarn or Embroidery Floss
• Pair of 8mm Plastic Eyes (Beads, Half-beads or Buttons)
• 4 Skeins of Beige Embroidery Floss (6-8 stranded) approx. 50cm long (or another very strong thread) for making arms and legs joints
• 2 x 15mm Buttons (for making the legs joints)
• 2.00mm Crochet Hook
• 1.25mm Crochet Hook
• Scissors
• Sewing Needle
• Long Sewing Needle for attaching the legs and arms (at least 10 - 15cm long)
• Toy Stuffing
• Tweezers for stuffing (optional)
For the clothes
• Approx. 40g Yellow Yarn
(For the clothes I used Drops 100% Combed Egyptian Cotton Yarn 50g – 160m)
• Approx. 40g Blue Yarn
• Approx. 30g Green Yarn
• Approx. 25g Light Blue Yarn
• 2.00mm Crochet Hook
• 1.25mm Crochet Hook
• 2 x 2.00mm Knitting Needles
• One Extra Needle or Knitting Safety Pin
• 4 x 8mm Blue Buttons
• 3pairs of 8mm Sew On Press Studs
• Sewing Needle

Finished toy is approx. 11 inches (28cm) tall

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